Outsourced Program
We manage affiliate programs, that's what we do! Whether it's starting from scratch or taking over existing programs to increase their performance we get the best performance possible.
Competitive Analysis
You can't compete if you don't know what to offer. We analyze the top affiliate networks to see what your competitors are offering. Then we advise you on the top payouts, commission structures and bonuses to offer.
Program Setup/Launch
We'll create/refine your policies, review banners/logos and build your text links with direct language to make them effective. Using keyword research learned from SEO we find the most effective ways to represent your products and services. Need a datafeed, we work with your technical team to make it efficient and effective.
Approval Process
All affiliates manually approved, site must be niche or related in subject matter. We look for Content/Review sites, paid Search Engine Marketing affiliates, shopping sites, email specialists. If you allow coupons we work with 100's of the best. We don't allow affiliate that use underhanded software to steal the traffic from honest affiliates.
Trademark Protection
Trademark monitoring done by Brand Verity (industry standard). We take your trademark very seriously and work to keep unethical sites off of it. If an affiliate is found poaching a trademark we boot them from the program and file a compliance violation with the network.
It's not enough to get affiliates to join your program; they need to get active sending traffic and sales. We review their site, offer suggestions on best practices and help them increase their sales. We partner with affiliates to make them grow as we continue to grow your program.